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I had an idea!

Posted on October 27, 2017 at 2:10 AM

Hi everyone!


I had an idea. It was a big idea.

I wanted to design a social communication model to address loneliness and communication barriers.

I wanted the model to be for children and adults.

I wanted the model to respond to loneliness and give people a voice to feel heard.

I wanted the model to be altruistic with philanthropic principles.

I wanted the model to teach and promote empathy to communities at a grass roots level.

I wanted it to be FREE.


I wanted a lot and I’ll tell you why.


My story


After 32 years of working in the community with people with disabilities and mental health issues it became very clear to me, that life in the community was getting harder, mental illness was becoming more prevalent and community resources were stretched to the limit. Basically, the task was looking bleak.


Why I created the model


Every day I saw extreme levels of loneliness, low self esteem and loss of hope. I saw class division, segregation, judgemental behaviours, inequality, stigma and discrimination. I saw very little integration or acceptance even in recent times with social media. My heart broke for the lack of a positive future that I saw for so many of my clients. I was frustrated about the lack of empathy shown to the people that I worked with, and consequently, for my Masters thesis, I studied women who were experiencing primary homelessness, as well as both mental and physical health issues, and how they viewed stigma.

I decided to do something more for these women and my clients than just data collection. Surely there must be some way to design a model empowering people to come together, from all walks of life, so that everyone can feel heard and understood. Couldn’t promoting greater empathy help to heal our communities?


How about an easy way of communicating for everyone? How about making it free so that it is available to anyone who needs it, day or night, weekdays and weekends.


Why the world needs SEMPI


Previously, we as a society have been taught the skills to identify and implement precautions so that we won’t become physically sick, but as a society we have not been taught how to prevent becoming mentally or emotionally unwell. Nor have we been taught how to look after our beautiful minds very well.


We all have mental health and are faced with challenges from early childhood which include bullying, peer group pressure, low self-esteem to much more serious challenges such as abuse.


Traditionally, society has chosen to be reactionary in its approach to mental health. This social communication model, teaches children and adults alike how to speak up about what they are experiencing in daily conversation, instead of bottling it up and not knowing how to talk about their experiences. It also teaches people living in a community a language that they can use, that is specific to their needs and wants, so that everyone can have an opportunity to feel heard and understood.


What is SEMPI?

For the past three years, I have been writing The SEMPI Social Communication Model to cover all of the points that I have mentioned.


This model covers all aspects of mental and physical daily health in an easy to learn and use system. It teaches the person a sequence task that is easily learnt.


The SEMPI model will give people the ground skills, words and confidence to talk about their daily experiences in general conversation. ‘SEMPI’ is a new and easy mental health language that teaches everyone how to use ‘mindful communication,’ to speak openly without stigma about their own mental health and how their emotions and thoughts are affecting them.


It is also a stop gap measure for people who cannot access specialist support services for a range of reasons, which may include personal ones.


We really need your support so that we can teach people this simple model.

This model has been designed with an altruistic ‘pay it forward’ philosophy.

Once learnt, the model can then be passed on to the next person, or used reciprocally with the original sharer/teacher, or to a group, creating a situation where each person can benefit from the relationship and then pay it forward themselves. This creates an amazing ‘pay it forward’ SEMPI’ chain that seeps into the community at a grass roots level.


What will you get out of supporting our model?


You will be part of a movement that ignites a cascade of ‘paying it forward’

You will be helping to make life better for others through your willingness to do things that advantage them.

Practising altruism activates regions in your brain that release pleasure chemicals, making you feel great!

You will be helping to inject the world with love and empathy through the selfless act of giving your time to another human.

A warm and fuzzy feeling will stay with you after your kind act.


What will your support do?


By supporting us in this crowd funding campaign, you are helping us to train people to teach and use this model within their own communities.

Thank you for watching. With love and gratitude, Alyse




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