by Alyse Price-Tobler (mcap)

                                      SEMPI Social Communication Model©            

              © 2018 Alyse Price-Tobler () Music by Tania Rose
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TO ORDER FREE SEMPI SOCIAL COMMUNICATION MODEL TRI FOLD BROCHURES in pdf form, or to send through any good news stories about SEMPI being used within community, please email [email protected]

You are welcome to learn, teach and pay forward the SEMPI Social Communication Model(Community Version) to groups of 10 people or less without penalty.
For groups of ten or more, permission from Alyse Price-Tobler needs to be sought, as the 'SEMPI SCM' has strict copyright restrictions pertaining to its public use. 


I would just like to acknowledge the wonderful assistance that I have received from Dave, Wendy and Roxanne Williams @goodscrolls in helping me to get these brochures into a much better looking format, and for printing them to send out in in their amazing care packages across America to their affiliates in homeless shelters, hospices, hospitals, schools, and to American soldiers currently serving in Iraq. You are my angels! Alyse