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SEMPI Social Communication Model Professional Version (SSCMP)

This version of the SEMPI model is available for onsite presentations for workplaces wanting their staff to learn, and practice empathy, through a 70 page interactive slide presentation. 

The SEMPI professional model has been created to empower community workers to use their own voices safely within their places of work, reducing burnout and potentially costly mental health issues. 

The strain put on professionals can sometimes be overwhelming and a new way to learn how to identify and handle stress has been developed through SEMPI. It is my hope that the 'SSCMP" will go along way toward easing factors pertaining to burnout, depression, and suicide rates, allowing for a better quality of life for our hard workers, who are exposed to so much. 

The SEMPI Social Communication Model professional’ (SSCMP) teaches professional workers to have an empathic voice, while also learning how to feel heard and validated by each other, lessening workplace stigmas and the need for competition. Stigma's that may be reduced are: mental health stigma, social class stigma, disability stigma and social stigma (physical, behavioural, intellectual and group).

As a front line community worker, in both mental health and disabilities for over 30 years, it has become apparent to me that a model needed to be created that would be easily adapted for professional workers in our communities. This is especially so for first responders (of which I was one within the NSW SES Road Rescue Wingecaribee unit). 

What is the 'SSCMP' professional empathy version?
The 'SSCMP' is a 60 page interactive slide presentation, that has been written over a five year period. It has been designed for any person who has a job that deals with people in a professional capacity. Some examples are, corporate workers, community service workers, emergency service workers, health workers and teachers.
The 'SSCMP' provides a hands on experience that trains people in the use of the 'SSCMP', with  particular emphasis on learning the techniques of empathy toward another, improved listening skills, and the engagement of a deeper level of understanding for both the colleagues and community members that they may come in contact with daily. 
Interactive presentation
The question "HOW IS YOUR SEMPI?" and everything that is involved in learning the 'SSCMP' is explored during the presentation. Participants have an opportunity to look within themselves and explore a greater understanding of their own thoughts and emotions while also sharing and learning reciprocated empathy with other's in the room.
Benefits for professional workers
It is hoped that by learning the SEMPI language, professional members of the community can contribute toward the lessening of stigmatising barriers between professionals and general members of the community. 
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