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HI everyone, here is the latest video that I did with Tania Rose, about my SEMPI Social Communication Model. I talk here in depth about some of my views on how we, as a community can change stigma around mental health, and then we go through and check in with each other, by asking, 'How is Your SEMPI?' This exercise enabled us to gain a deeper perspective of how we were feeling holistically, right in that moment. 

Thanks for watching, Alyse.

SEMPI Conversations Shane, age 43 I.T Executive

Shane is a 43 year old IT Executive, who has kindly offered to be interviewed and answer the question, 'How is Your SEMPI?'

HUGE THANKS to Tom Hubbard, aka @kcwarthog for talking to me today on SEMPI Real Conversations, Instagram Live. Tom is an American Airforce Veteran, formerly of A-10 Warthog, and was the Crew Chief. Tom is also a creative director, a graphic designer, an amazing family man, mental health advocate, warrior, and an amazing artist! Today we talked about how PTSD is seen as a silent disease, even though it is in epidemic proportions among our returning soldiers, as well as ways to work through to better management of the symptoms, stigma reduction, and then we go through 'How's Your SEMPI' together. Alyse

Bullied school student, Grace, aged 13, demonstrates how the SEMPI SCM applies to her difficult school circumstance. 

SEMPI Conversations, Zandi, age 24, vet nurse.

Zandi is a very busy young woman, who is currently juggling 2 jobs, and TAFE. She has recently finished her VET nursing requirements and speaks candidly about how her SEMPI is for this video.

Bullied school student Kate, aged 12, demonstrates how the SEMPI SCM apples to her difficult situation atm. The SEMPI children's model is currently being trialled in schools in Western Sydney with special needs students. 

SEMPI Conversations Jenny aged 49 Transitioning careers.

Jenny has kindly made this video to let us gain a deeper perspective about what it's like for her to be a Carer to her elderly disabled mum, while attending TAFE and changing to a different career.

SEMPI 'Real Conversation' with Hope, Aboriginal actor, aged 29.

Hope is an aspiring actor, who is currently dealing with a very sick hospitalised grandmother, while trying to get her acting career off the ground in Sydney. Thank you Hope for opening up and going through SEMPI with us!