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Hello, and welcome everyone!

If you are tired of watching your community suffer in silence, and you feel the need to be proactive, you have come to the right place!


Thank you for coming to read about the SEMPI Social Community Model, teaching everyone how to sit with members of our own communities (from age 5 through to adult) when we ask the question, "ARE YOU O.K?"  to our friends and family, and they answer "NO".

I have specifically designed the 'SEMPI Social Communication Model ©' to teach the general public from the ages of  5 and up, how to be a 'SEMPI First Responder ©' so that we can save thousands of lives together!


The 'SEMPI© Model' is written for everyone, no matter what your disability, mental health challenge, occupation, or religion.


'SEMPI' is written to help your community, and the children's and community version is FREE! You can use 'SEMPI' one on one, or in a group today.


Join us today in our CALL TO ACTION, and change the world by learning how to be a #SEMPIfirstresponder and HELP YOUR COMMUNITY NOW! #howsyoursempi #sempi 


To download your free community and/or children's model, please SIGN UP to our community by selecting the LOG IN button at the top of any page, and a link will be sent to you.


Once you're joined up, you can log in!

Then simply go to 'MY ACCOUNT' and DOWNLOAD the SEMPI MODEL'S of your choice, as well as the printable instructions to learn how to best use SEMPI.

There are also downloadable SEMPI FLYERS to print off and put up in your community, or you can start your own ONLINE group within your COMMUNITY.


With love and gratitude Alyse Price Tobler (MCAP)

Clinical Psychotherapist.

PhD candidate USC Social Sciences Dept.

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Alyse holding sempi 2.jpeg

What happens if you ask someone "Are You O.K?"

and they answer "NO"

Please watch both our videos to see exactly what we're doing across the world to address this question.  

what is SEMPI?

Learn about the different SEMPI models (child, adult, professional versions) and how they are teaching empathy, and altruism while helping to empower and heal our communities.


Learn how to use SEMPI within your community to ask the right questions to help others find their way if they are not feeling O.K.

our community

SEMPI is being used all over the world. Learn more about how we are paying forward SEMPI within our great communities and get involved. It's easy!

professional training

Learn how to engage SEMPI professional training services in your business or organisation.

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