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SEMPI Improves Community Resilience and Helps to End Suicide 

Training with the SEMPI Social Communication Model

Builds Stronger Social Communication Skills

The SEMPI Social Communication Model helps reduce loneliness, isolation, suicide, bullying, and helps to give people a voice by teaching empathetic listening and altruism.


SEMPI encourages people to work together and to 'pay it forward' into their communities.


SEMPI is designed to help our children (from age 5 and up), and everyone else that make up our amazingly diverse communities.


SEMPI is also helping our beloved fathers, brothers, and husbands/partner's as they struggle with suicide rates that are sitting around the 70% mark. This needs to URGENTLY change! We need to really keep an eye out for our men, and help them to have a voice without shame or criticism when they show emotion.


We believe that SEMPI has the power to change the world by encouraging community members to empower each other toward building better communities.

SEMPI encourages a deeper level of conversation. For example, if you ask someone, “ARE YOU OK?” and they respond, “no, I’m not,” do you know how to respond? The SEMPI SCM can teach you how to confidently take the next steps to respond immediately and appropriately.


SEMPI teaches you how to confidently sit down with a 'friend in need' to see if they would like to talk, and if and when to seek more professional services together.

SEMPI SCM is written in a way that encourages empowerment throughout the community.


SEMPI reduces loneliness and stigma that currently exist due to race, nation or religion. The community and child's model is free to use in your community, and you can download the PDF files and watch training materials to get started today.

You can make a difference in your community, so that it is stronger and more resilient!

Contact us if you have any questions about this program; we would love to help.

To download your free community and/or children's model, please SIGN UP to our community by selecting the LOG IN button at the top of any page, and a link will be sent to you.

Once you're joined up, you can log in!

Then simply go to 'MY ACCOUNT' and DOWNLOAD the SEMPI MODEL'S of your choice, as well as the printable instructions to learn how to best use SEMPI.

There are also downloadable SEMPI FLYERS to print off and put up in your community, or you can start your own ONLINE group within your COMMUNITY.


With love and gratitude Alyse Price Tobler (MCAP)

Clinical Psychotherapist (MCAP).

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