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The Community and Children's version of the SEMPI Social Communication Model is free for everyone to use. Once you have become a member of the community you will have access to the PDF downloads of both models and a video tutorial series to help you understand and get the most from SEMPI.


We love hearing about how people are using the SEMPI SCM. Membership is free but providing us with an email address allows us to know who is using the SEMPI model in their communities across the world. We want to make sure that we can keep you up to date with progress on future versions of the model, and by joining the community we can have that discussion within our membership. We also want to hear about your experiences using SEMPI, not only so that we understand how it being used but also to allow other members to gain from the group experience of the SEMPI SCM.

It takes just a few seconds to join and all you need to provide is an email address. Once you have a handle on how to use SEMPI and have experienced the many benefits of the model, we would invite you to flesh out your profile and even to include a short story on your experience with SEMPI.

To download your free community and/or children's model, please SIGN UP to our community by selecting the LOG IN button at the top of any page, and a link will be sent to you.

Once you're joined up, you can log in!

Then simply go to 'MY ACCOUNT' and DOWNLOAD the SEMPI MODEL'S of your choice, as well as the printable instructions to learn how to best use SEMPI.

There are also downloadable SEMPI FLYERS to print off and put up in your community, or you can start your own ONLINE group within your COMMUNITY.


With love and gratitude Alyse Price Tobler (MCAP)

Clinical Psychotherapist (MCAP).

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