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Teaching Children and Youth to Become Community Helpers.

The SEMPI Children's Model teaches children (from aged 5) to early teens (youth) how to become valuable COMMUNITY HELPER'S by teaching them what to do if they ask someone, "Are You O.K?" and the person says "NO." By teaching our young ones how to have this valuable conversation, asking about mental and physical health will come naturally to their generation, while allowing them the confidence to 'hold space' for others within their community, especially their friends and family members.


SEMPI is Cross Generational!

As the SEMPI Community Models are cross generational, they can be used with all age groups, for example, a child can be asked "How's Your SEMPI" and then the models can be reciprocated and the child can ask SEMPI entry questions to adults in their family as well.


Learn How to Have a Strong Voice

Our youth need to learn a new way to speak up and have a voice about their mental and physical health. Ideally, they need to be able to speak safely, and without stigma, in daily conversations with their own peer groups, family care givers, and any community professionals they may interact with.

Imagine a teachable model where our youth can choose any topic that is foremost on their mind to safely speak about and feel heard, such as isolation, bullying, abuse, hunger, happiness, positivity, stigma, physical illness, mental health, ...all from the one model? Daily? Here it is!


Where Is The SEMPI Childrens' Model Being Used?

The SEMPI Children's version is currently being trialed in schools in Australia, and is already in selected schools across America, Canada, Ireland, Africa, and The Philippines! I have written the SEMPI Children's Model to teach our most precious asset, our children, how to have a strong voice, to slow down bullying through empathy, end loneliness, allow them to feel heard and most importantly, reduce child and youth suicide.

The SEMPI Children's Model is also being distributed in care and welfare packs, to children's hospitals and hospices across America by my good friends, Dave and Wendy Williams, and their family company in New York. The SEMPI Children's version helps sick children, and their families to gain deeper levels of understanding about what each other are going through during some of the most difficult times in their lives. 


How Can I Access and Download the SEMPI Children's Model?

To access the SEMPI Children's Model simply click 'login' from the menu bar on this page. Creating an account is quick and easy and this simply allows us to have a better idea of how the model is being used.

We will not share your information with anyone. We promise.

Once you have registered an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to download the SEMPI Children's Model and supporting materials. Thank you SO much, Alyse